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There are many exciting new accessories that you would want with the car, the just add up the spice and uniqueness to your car such as the air pump compressor inflator tyre kit. As we know that irregular tyre pressures can decrease the life of the types and this handy tyre kit which also contains a puncture repair tools will be of great help to counter such situations. Check out the new Mercedes accessories.

To enhance the taste and style of your car and yet not burn a huge hole in your pocket there very good sites that provide great accessories with discounted pricing and when bought with number other accessories you could avail many offers which help you cut down on the net amount payable. There are times when you have to face unpleasant odours in the car such cigarettes smells, stinky mats others but a very good accessory to your car would be an air fresher for the car that would make your car smelling good even if hasn’t been cleaned for some time.

There some amazing grip pads that can be placed on your dash board, not to mention that will match the décor of your car, these are available in various hues and will help keep your keys, mobile and other things from sliding off when your are driving around. You could make your car Bluetooth friendly with this Bluetooth FM transmitter which is so handy on long journeys. It contains two USB ports which are fast and help you play music from any of your devices such as your phone, flash drive or SD drive and the inbuilt microphones to receive calls hands free. Be the first one to buy the all new range in mercedes accessory.

The tissue holders are great and they can be stuck on the sun guard or and other convenient place that you prefer. Seat belt cushions, a cylindrical shaped pillow that will help your passengers take a nice nap on long drives. A new kind of lighting can be fixed into the car interiors instead of the usual yellow lighting that is always norm in all cars but shift to a brighter lighting. The car films are good for preventing sunlight affecting you inside the car. This accessory is quite useful in hot tropical countries. Courtesy cars are available with free service charges only when you are in a position of your vehicle requirement especially benefited for all the customers.

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